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Organizations in Transition

OrganizationEnvironmental, health and safety (EHS) departments are in transition. Companies are "right-sizing" their EHS departments by cutbacks, consolidations through centralized or shared service groups, outsourcing, and the integration of EHS responsibilities into line organizations. But what is the ideal organization that not only improves a company's competitive position, but also assures proactive social responsibility? EHS organizations are typically restructured as the result of overall company restructurings, often in the wake of major divestments or mergers.

This project evaluates current approaches to sizing and organizing EHS departments within companies. The deliverable is a sourcebook of guidelines for restructuring companies to achieve maximum competitive advantage while acting socially responsible.

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Pulse of the Profession

The Center for Environmental Innovation, in partnership with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, is undertaking a project to gain a broad understanding of the current state of environmental, Pulsehealth, and safety professionals within corporations, government and consulting.  This project - what we call "taking the pulse" - is intended to be a real-life examination of the individuals who are currently practicing in one or more of the EHS professions.  In addition to gathering information from EHS professionals, management will be contacted to obtain their perspectives on and expectations of the EHS function and the EHS profession.

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